Conveyancing Law

We have a Licensed Conveyancers along with Lawyers and a team of other Support Staff
at Camden Solicitors and Conveyancers who can assist you in your residential purchase,
sale, lease or your commercial purchase, sale or lease.

This includes preparing documents including the contract, special terms, required
documents for exchange and settlement including searches necessary in fee simple properties
strata title properties as necessary.

Steps may include the following:

1: Preparing Contract of Sale.

2: Review Contract of Sale.

3: Review Council Records on property.

4: Review 149(2), 149(5) certificate including fire and flood
hazards, road and rail potential future developments and
chemical contamination.

5: Review special conditions and strata conditions.

6: Identify property location and may include surveys or inspections.

7: May require heritage listing records inspections due to limitations
on use and development.

8: Notify the estate agent after settlement.

9: Telephone the client to advise of the settlement.

10: Calculation of mortgage settlement amounts and calculating settlement
water and council rates.

11: Send a letter to the client confirming the settlement
and the final payout figures including the final
statement of all government accounts including stamp duty
and land tax and GST.

12: Pay outstanding rates and levies and for any report required in the
purchase process.

13: In strata property forward as required the Section 118 Notice to the
Body Corporate.

14: Submit documents to the LPI for registration.

15: Arrange for the collection of the title deed post