Corporate Law

It is important to be clear on the difference between Receivership,
Administration, Bankruptcy, and Liquidation, and how each may impact creditors.

Anyone in business should be aware of each of these different situations.
Accordingly contact Camden Solicitors and Conveyancers for advice as soon as
you receive any documentation regarding these conditions.
If an insolvency practitioner is appointed you should contact Camden Solicitors and Conveyancers
for some advice. Getting the timing right is very important. Get the advise early
so that you know what your options are is very important.
When debts cannot be paid creditors can make an application to wind up a company.
This can happen very quickly.

It is very important to know the difference between:
1: Voluntary Administration;
2: Liquidation;
3: Receivership; and
4: Bankruptcy. Each of these conditions have different consequences upon creditors and the fiscal
security of a company.

Lawyers from Camden Solicitors and Conveyancers have successfully represented clients in the Federal Court Of Australia and avoided them
going into Liquidation.
Further, we have represented clients through the process of entering into Voluntary
Administration based on their situation.