Criminal Law

There are many things you need to consider in Criminal Law matters
Offence and Defence Categories and appropriate strategies need to be considered
Despite what the police may tell you, if you are charged by the police with an offence you
are innocent in the eyes of the law until a court finds otherwise.
Police are human beings, and can make mistakes in collecting evidence.
Accordingly, a lawyer from Camden Solicitors and Conveyancers will examine
all the evidence including any statute of limitations that are applicable.
Please call us if you are charged with an offence so that an appropriate strategy
and defence can be prepared.

Common Offences may include:

Assault Offences

Centrelink Fraud Offences

Computer Offences

Domestic Violence Offences

Drug Offences

Fire Arm & Dangerous Weapon Offences

Murder and Manslaughter

Perjury and False Statement

Public Order Offences

Robbery Offences

Sexual Offences

Stealing Offences